Ethical Principles

Implementation Structure – General Rules

Ethical Principles and Behavioral Codes have been prepared for the purpose of being directive in the duties that  our employees and shareholders will fulfill on behalf of the Elita Gıda and the decisions that they will make. The ethical rules observed here should be held to the highest standards.

Employees of the Elita Gıda is to implement in full the written or verbal instructions that their superiors give during work by means of keeping all processes in mind that laws and the companies internal regulations require.

Employees are only to work on their tasks at the company during work hours and are to fulfill their duties carefully, meticulously, and productively. Employees should conduct their work relationships within a hierarchic order, should protect the interests of the company, and should refrain from all kinds of behaviors that would be damaging to the company.

Elita Gıda employees does not propagate politics / religion within the company. They do not compel their colleagues to join any kind of organization. They do not collect money from their colleagues in any form without the knowledge of the Human Resources Department. They do not seize the belongings of their colleagues with or without their knowledge.

Employees of the Elita Gıda comply with work hours. Workers use meticulously the machines – equipment, vehicles,  and appliances that their jobs require, and are to ensure that a solution is found for any problems that arise relating to these, first notifying their supervisors and any other relevant individuals. They do not use machines that belong to the company – equipment, vehicles, and appliances for special purposes. At the same time, employees comply with regulations that relate to worker health and occupational safety and the Elita Gıda OHS Policy while fulfilling their duties.

Should any kind of problem arise in the status of employees’ health, they are to refer to the closest health institution and notify their First Supervisor/Workplace Physician and the Human Resources Department related to an updated status of their health. The confidentiality of employees’ medical information is protected by the Elita Gıda. Employees are responsible for the accuracy of health reports and other information that they declare in the work-acceptance process. Any missing information or tampering of their health report is not allowed, and along with the punishment that the Disciplinary Board implements, legal avenues could be utilized.

No Elita Gıda employee uses narcotics / pleasure-inducing substances within the confines of the workplace and cannot consume alcoholic beverages within the confines of the company. Behaviors and / or declarations that inspire its consumption are not allowed. Otherwise, they will be referred to the Disciplinary Board.

Corporate Culture

All Elita Gıda employees and shareholders exhibit attitudes and behaviors that will ensure and preserve the integrity of the culture of the Sunar organization. They protect and develop the respect of the name, the reliability of the corporate structure, and the dignity of Sunar.

All employees and shareholders exhibit transparent, honest, fair, well-intentioned, and understanding behaviors.

Elita Gıda employees provide honest, speedy on the condition not to separate pride from solemnity, convenient, polite, just, and quality services to customers and other individuals. They take care to keeping clean and preserving their environments, dress according to workplace culture, and be well-kept, getting along well with their colleagues.

All Elita Gıda employees and shareholders are only to be found in the promises and commitments that they can hold.

All employees and shareholders read, perceive as true, and implement the Sunar Principles and Values, Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, and Sustainability Vision.

In light of the Sustainability Vision, the principle of austerity on every topic is to be assumed by all personnel.

To contribute to sustainability and be a responsible citizen is the basis in all activities inside and outside of the company.


Subjects that Elita Gıda employees are authorized to operate on behalf of the company are clearly identified in the instructions provided in their job descriptions and in the other internal regulations of the company. Elita Gıda employees do not use authority that are not granted to them and do not surpass the limits of their authority.

Elita Gıda employees and shareholders do not use the identity and strength of Sunar for personal gain.

Only employees who have the right to represent the company and departments who are specified by the Board of Directors and/or General Directorate can make speeches, hold meetings, and make statements about the company, receiving final authorization of the Chair of the Board of Directors and providing full and accurate notifications about content. Company opinions in line with company strategies and policies are to be shared on platforms on which opinions representing the company are notified, not personal opinions.

Making any statement to a media institution, doing any interview, joining any seminar, conference, and similar events as a speaker is dependent on the approval of the Chair of the Board of Directors. No personal profit or gain is be to observed in any shape from these activities.

Ethical Rules

a) Honesty – Transparency

Accuracy and honesty are the basis of all our work processes. Elita Gıda employees comply with all laws of the Turkish Republic and international legal statutes in activities inside and outside of the company.

Authorized Elita Gıda employees are obligated to present accurate, complete, and understandable information to all legal institutions and organizations of the government and its shareholders when requested.

b) Confidentiality

All Elita Gıda employees and shareholders take care to preserve the confidentiality of information both in their own work and in mutual communions, and do not share company information with third parties that can be assumed as a secret.

All employees and shareholders are obligated to protect the R&D information, commercial secrets, assets, and interests of Sunar. It it is unclear whether information is confidential, this information should not be shared with third parties.

All Sunar employees respect and protect the rights to intellectual property, confidentiality, and ownership of shareholders.

c) Conflicts of Interests and Provision of Unfair Advantage

Elita Gıda employees and shareholders are not to ensure benefits to themselves, their connections, their families, or other third parties by benefiting from their current positions.

Elita Gıda employees are not to become indebted or pledge on their financial strength. They are not to receive loan money from company customers and subordinates no matter the amount and these individuals are not to make themselves guarantors.

Full-day Sunar employees do not work in positions that require the enumeration of competencies like “Merchant” or “Self-Employed,” and cannot become members of the board of directors or conduct inspections of other companies. However, relevant activities can be done with special written authorization by the Chair of the Board of Directors.

d)  Accepting and Giving Gifts

Elita Gıda employees and shareholders do not request or suggest gifts from other companies and individuals with whom the company has a relationship. They do not accept gifts, money, checks, property, free vacations, or special discounts that can make the company liable. Gifts that lie inside the limits of kindness and outside of money, checks, and property are to be submitted to the General Coordinator, notifying the immediate supervisor. The General Coordinator acts within the information of the Chair of the Board of Directors.

e)  Bribes

Taking, giving, or offering bribes and/or commission is unacceptable under any conditions.

f)  Fair Working Environment

Equal opportunities are provided to everybody at Elita Gıda. No one is discriminated against because of their age, race, beliefs, skin color, gender, language, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, political views, disability, or religious issues. This policy is implemented in recruitment, promotion, termination of work contract, layoffs, permissions, wages, and all other topics.

g)  Harrassment/Violence

The materialization of any kind of harassment by any Elita Gıda employee is prohibited. Harassment covers unwanted sexual approaches, request of sexual privilege, and all other sexually explicit verbal and physical behaviors. Harassment also covers purposes and effects of interfering without reason with an individuals work performance and creating an intimidating, hostile, or disruptive work environment. Therefore, attempting psychological (mobbing) violence against colleagues is also evaluated within the scope of harassing activities.

All Elita Gıda employees and shareholders are obligated to follow ethical principles and behavioral codes. Based on the situation that contradicts with these principles and codes and the situation at the first step when exposed to or laid witness to these applications, they should refer to their immediate supervisor, the highest-level supervisor that they are connected to and/or human resources management. Should they not receiving positive feedback in their referrals, all Elita Gıda employees are free to apply to the Chair of the Board of Directors or legal procedures. All Elita Gıda employees can use the Suggestion and Complaints box directly named or unnamed in this kind of situation.

All Elita Gıda employees and shareholders should apply to Human Resources Management if they are unsure on the subject of whether a behavior complies with the Sunar Principles and Policys.