Social Responsibility Policy

1.      PURPOSE
It is intended for the Sunar Companies Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility studies to be carried out in one frame.

2.      SCOPE
This covers all departments of Sunar Companies Group specified in communication procedure distribution.

All Personnel

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy: 

4.1.   As Sunar Group of Companies, we are based on enacting the sustainable and improvable social responsibility projects.

4.2.   We promise that we will be respectful to the people and environment in all the geographies that we are operating and will operate, and we plan and implement actions to minimize our footprint in nature.

4.3.   We ensure and ceritfy that Elita Gıda’s food safety complies with the appropriate hygienic conditions and  customer satisfaction with all international standards.

4.4.   We ensure that the level of customer satisfaction, their demands and expectations are constantly measured and met, and we aim to transcend these demands and expectations with the principle of “unconditional, unlimited customer satisfaction.”

4.5.   We adopt honesty, reliability, and decisiveness as principles, and we move with the awareness of “Sell only the products that you would want to be at your own dinner table to both domestic and international customers.”

4.6.   We know that unshared values, information, and profits will ultimately not provide added value to the industry, and we identify the ultimate goal in each of our projects as communal progress.

4.7.   We work to create happy shareholders from our suppliers to NGOs, from our employees to our customers, and we care for all our shareholders to work in compliance with our corporate social responsibility policy.

4.8.   We encourage our board and all of our employees to volunteer in social and communal activities compliant with company culture especially in the field of health and education.

4.9.   We believe that all of our employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment, and we ensure occupational health and safety in all our workplace environments in line with our Health & Safety policy.

4.10.  We believe in the efficacy of team work, and forming a positive workplace environment, we make sure people of all beliefs, ideas, and opinions work in a coherent environment.

4.11.   We believe in the importance of education and that it continues throughout life, and we support all our employees to continue their higher education.

4.12.   We believe in the importance of sustainable agriculture and agriculture-based industry, and we operate in the lights of  this vision. We appraise agricultural products grown especially in our region and country, and we generate and implement projects for the progress of our own farmers.

4.13.   Despite operating in sectors that give the most of Turkey’s primary deficit, we promise to be a pioneer and supportive in the formation and in the implementation of projects directed towards closing Turkey’s primary deficit.

4.14.   We notify especially the surrounding community in the land that we are going to open for new use and in the areas where we are going to establish processing facilities, and we unconditionally respect the health of local communities, their living conditions, and their cultures. We plan and implement social responsibility projects that will increase the levels of progress and prosperity of these local communities.

4.15.   Other than land opened for operational/facility use by authoritative institutions, we promise that we will not make business investments in land in any capacity.

a)      Sustainability Vision:  To enable future generations live in prosperity in a habitable world, we live and encourage our society live sustainably, by gaining needed strength from nature. While accomplishing our goal,we ensure that we will reduce our foot print and increase our contribution to society.