Flours for Retail

Sunar Un ve Yem Cake and Pastry Flour is used in the making of cakes, pastries for household consumption.

  •   High capacity of holding water and to be able to obtain more final products,,
  •   To be able to obtain final products that have homogenous pore structure,
  •   To be able to processed easily and obtain homogenous dough,
  •   To be able to obtain fluffy final products,
  •   To be able to obtain products that have a thin, shiny crusted structure,
  •   To provide aroma and taste to products,
  •   To be able to preserve the freshness and structure of products,
  •   To be able to produce standard-made final products,
  •   The dough should not be taken rigid.
  •   Water should be provided to the dough in the needed ratio.
  •   The dough should be kneaded effectively and well and should be matured for a while.
  •   Preservatives (oil, milk, milk powder, egg, etc.) should be provided in appropriate proportions while preparing Cake and Pastry dough.
  •   There should be no air circulation during production 

It should be kept in cool, airy, and dry spaces.


Offered to the market in 1 kg, 2 kg, 5kg, and 10 kg Kraft packaging.

  •   Humidity: 14.5 (Max)
  •   Gluten: 29 (Min)
  •   Protein: 10 (Min)
  •   Ash (at K.M.) 0.65 (Max)
  •   Sedimentation: 35 ml. (Min)
  •   Delayed Sedimentation: 39 ml. (Min)
  •  Falling Number (F.N.) : 300 sec. (Min)