Professional SUN-1 Flour

Sunar Un ve Yem Professional Sun-1 Flour is used in the production of all kinds of cakes and pastries.

  •   High capacity of holding water and to be able to obtain more final products,
  •   To be able to obtain a more homogenous dough while kneading
  •   To be able to process easily while kneading and production,
  •   To be able to obtain products that have homogenous pore structure,
  •   To be able to resistant during the dough maturing phase,
  •   Not hemming while baking,
  •   To be able to have homogenous structure and fluffiness in cakes,
  •   To be able get desired shape and crispiness in biscuits,
  •   To be able to preserve glaze and appealing pastries for a long time,
  •   To procure products that have a thin and shiny crust,
  •   Of being able to preserve its freshness if held under appropriate conditions,
  •   Of being able to procure standard-made goods,
  •   Water should be provided to the dough in the needed ratio.
  •   The dough should be kneaded effectively and well and should be matured for a while.
  •   Preservatives (oil, milk, milk powder, egg, etc.) should be provided in appropriate proportions while preparing Cake and Pastry dough.
  •   There should not be air circulation in the manufacturing plant. 


It should be stored over wooden pallets in cool, airy, and dry areas.


Offered to the market in 50 kg fabric sacks, 50 kg polypropylene sacks, and 25 kg Kraft bags.

  •   Humidity: 14.5 (Max)
  •   Gluten: 29 (Min)
  •   Protein: 11 (Min)
  •   Ash (at K.M.) 0.55 (Max)
  •   Sedimentation: 35 ml. (Min)
  •   Delayed Sedimentation: 39 ml. (Min)
  •   Falling Number (F.N.) : 300 sec. (Min)