Professional Flour for Phyllo

Sunar Un ve Yem Professional Pastry Flour is used in the handmade and machine production of phyllo.

  •   High capacity of holding water and to be able to obtain more final products,
  •   To be able to obtain a more homogenous dough while kneading,
  •   To be able to rolling and not tearing easily,
  •   To be able to rolling without getting dry,
  •   Not hemming and bubbling while the phyllo is baking,
  •   Not leaving water after baking,
  •   To ensure durability in the machine pastries
  •   Not to stick on each other when stacked
  •   To be able to bake uniformly in the phyllo
  •   Not falling apart and tearing when run through water
  •   Of preserving its freshness for a long time when the appropriate conditions are ensured
  •   To be able to obtain standard-made final product
  •   Water should be provided to the dough in the needed ratio.
  •   The dough should be matured sufficiently for a better rolling of the phyllo.
  •   The rigidity of the dough should calibrated in accordance with rolling pin or machine rolling.
  •   There should not be air circulation in the manufacturing plant.

It should be stored over wooden pallets in cool, airy, and dry areas.

  •   Humidity: 14.5 (Max)
  •   Gluten: 29 (Min)
  •   Protein: 10 (Min)
  •   Ash (at K.M.) 0.65 (Max)
  •   Sedimentation: 35 ml. (Min)
  •   Delayed Sedimentation: 35 ml. (Min)
  •   Falling Number (F.N.) : 300 sec. (Min)

Ambalaj / Muhafaza